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New and Recent Titles in Petroleum,
Geology, Geochemistry and more  
Subseismic-Scale Reservoir Deformation
Edited by: M. Ashton, O.P. Wennberg, and S.J. Dee
216 pages, hardback
ISBN: 9781786203212
In the current cost-constrained environment for hydrocarbon exploitation, increasing emphasis is being placed on robust subsurface description and a clear understanding of the range of uncertainty associated with reservoir mod-els. Structural heterogeneity, particularly at the subseismic scale, forms an integral part of these refined descrip-tions as it allows greater prediction of subsurface flow characteristics. This volume examines the best current prac-tice and new challenges in hydrocarbon reservoir characterization and modelling of small to subseismic deformation features through case studies, experimental results and modelling. The papers follow four themes: characterization of deformation in porous sandstones, novel characterization techniques, quantifying and characterizing deformation in carbonates, and modelling small-scale features. It includes a collection of papers from a two-day international conference that brought academic and industry geoscientists and engineers together to discuss best current practice and new challenges in reservoir characterization and modelling of small to subseismic deformation features. The volume should be of interest to geoscientists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers and modellers
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The Geometry and Growth of Normal Faults
Edited by C. Childs, R.E. Holdsworth, C.A. L. Jackson, T. Manzocchi, J.J. Walsh  
544 pages, hardback
ISBN: 9781862399679
The analysis of high quality 3D seismic datasets of faulted volumes and detailed outcrop studies, combined with complementary geomechanical modelling, has provided much improved constraints on both the nature and growth of faults and associated fault zones in the past two decades. The volume presents the latest research on this topic.
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 Petroleum Geology of NW Europe: 50 Years of Learning- Proceedings of the 8th Petroleum Geology Conference 
Edited by B. Levell, M. Bowman
600 pages, hardback
ISBN: 9781786202772
The 8th Conference on the Petroleum Geology of NW Europe was held in September 2015 and marked the 50th anniversary of the first commercial discovery offshore in the North Sea (West Sole, in September 1965). Its focus was 50 Years of Learning a Platform for Present Value and Future Success and its objective was to provide an update on discoveries, developments, technologies and geological concepts from the region. The proceedings volume follows the format of many of the previous conferences since the first in 1974. Collectively these provide a unique documentation of the discovery and development of several NW European hydrocarbon provinces. The volume will be of interest to all geoscientists involved in exploration and development in NW Europe. It provides a fascinating overview of how creativity can continue to reveal hidden resources in an area that has been called mature for at least the last 20 of its 50-year history.
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Myanmar: Geology, Resources and Tectonics
Edited by A.J. Barber, Khin Zaw, M.J. Crow
776 pages, hardback
ISBN: 9781862399693
Myanmar is a country vastly rich in gold, silver, base metals, tin tungsten, gems and hydrocarbons and is one of the last exploration frontiers remaining in the world. Tectonically Myanmar lies at the eastern end of the Himalayan Mountain Chain and over the last 50 Ma has been profoundly affected by the collision between India and Eurasia, which is still ongoing, with frequent destructive earthquakes. Recent advances have been made in understanding the results of the collision, through the study of geochronology, seismicity, stratigraphy and structure. The development of a systematic mapping programme has been restricted by problems of access, due to limited infrastructure and armed insurgencies, meaning that large areas of the country have not been explored adequately. Recent political changes and reforms, with reconciliations with various ethnic groups, however, will permit access to large areas in Kayin, Kayah, Shan and Kachin States, enabling further research and exploration in new crustal blocks and terranes. In this Memoir a group of Myanmar and international geologists have combined to include all that is currently known about the geology of Myanmar, its mineral and energy resources and its tectonic development.
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The NE Atlantic Region: A Reappraisal of Culture Structure, Tectonostratigraphy and Magmatic Evolution
Edited by G. Peron-Pinvidic, J.R. Hopper, T. Funck, M.S. Stoker, C. Gania
467 pages, hardback
ISBN: 9781786202789
This volume presents contributions from the NAG-TEC Tectonostratigraphic Atlas project. Seven European geological surveys and collaborators have compiled a comprehensive overview of the geophysical and geological information available in the North Atlantic region. The papers present some of the key findings and analysis based on the Atlas.
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Geochemistry and Geophysics of Active Volcanic Lakes
Edited by T. Ohba, B. Capaccioni, C. Caudron
304 pages, hardback
ISBN: 9781786202444
This volume brings together scientific papers on volcanic lakes, which include studies of their structure, applications to volcano surveillance, as well as a number of innovative methods of sampling and data acquisition. This collection of papers will become a benchmark for researchers dealing with volcanic lakes and wet volcanoes.
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Large Igneous Provinces from Gondwana and Adjacent Regions
Edited by S. Sensarma, B.C. Storey
278 pages, hardback
ISBN: 9781786203250
Gondwana, comprising more than 64% of the present day continental mass, is home to 33% of large igneous provinces (LIPs) and key to understanding the lithosphere atmosphere system and related tectonics that influenced global climate and sediment production on Earth. Gondwana has many of the largest LIPs, with areas of 200 000 to 2 000 000 km2. Several Gondwana LIPs erupted near active continental margins as well as within continents. The rifting of continents continued even after LIP emplace-ment or was aborted by a coeval compression and did not open into an ocean. Important contemporary frontiers include under-standing significant amounts of synchronous silicic volcanic rocks in mafic LIPs, bringing better stratigraphic constraints support-ed by precise age dating and volume estimation of LIPs, the possible link between LIP emplacement and biotic crisis, refinement of the existing petrogenetic models and assessing large eruptions and associated societal risk. This volume covers topics on magma emplacements, petrology and geochemistry, source characteristics, flood basalt carbonatite linkage, tectonics and geo-chronology of LIPs distributed in Gondwana continents.
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Rock-Forming Minerals Volume 3C- Sheet Silicates: Clay Minerals, Second Edition
By M.J. Wilson
736 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 9781862393592
This volume describes the structure, chemistry, optical and physical properties, distinguishing features and paragenesis of the minerals of the kaolin, mica and smectite groups, as well as vermiculite, palygorskite, sepiolite, mixed-layer and interlayered clay minerals. Emphasis is placed on the chemical and physical properties that distinguish clay minerals from the non-clay minerals, such as their ion exchange, adsorption, selectivity and fixation properties, their ability to form organic complexes, their interactions with water and their colloidal characteristics. Diagnostic characteristics of the individual clay minerals are described, as determined particularly by X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy and electron microscopy.
Clay Minerals is an essential reference work for professionals and students engaged in research in geology, soil science, environmental science, materials science and related fields of chemistry and physics, as well as those involved in the many industries where clays are used or encountered such as building and construction, petroleum exploration and production, pharmaceutical, ceramics and paper manufacturing.
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